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Currently I work with Anne DiBenedetto and Associates at McEnearney Associates Inc. as a Realtor and Marketing/ Case Manager. I graduated from James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA in May 2012 with Cum Laude honors. I majored in Media Arts and Design Major, with a concentration in Corporate Communications and Art History Minor.

{ Coursework }


I have always enjoyed taking photos and was able to further develop my skills by taking a photojournalism class. This class taught me a range of different types of shots from studio photos to action photos and features. I also learned how to use my own photography to create ads and brochures. This class also had extensive use of Adobe Bridge and Photoshop. Below is a slide show of photographs I have taken for both fun and for my photojournalism class.

Principles of Advertising

This class taught me a lot about teamwork, presentation skills and strategizing. One major assignment for this class was to create an advertising campaign within a small team that would be presented in front of “corporate executives.” My group decided to launch a new flavor of VitaminWater: Zen. My biggest contribution to this project was designing the VitaminWater campaign book we put together that describes our strategic plan for launching and promoting our new flavor of VitaminWater.

Zen Vitamin Water Advertising Campaign Booklet

Print Communications

This class focused on the development of print design and execution. It included an extensive use of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. The first project was to take an image of an animal and the name of the animal and incorporate both together into ‘1 image’ or logo. Another project, done in InDesign, was to create two event posters for any event of our choosing. I chose to do a book signing event poster; one of the posters uses only illustration images while the other uses graphics.

Fundamental Skills of Media Arts and Design I

This was an introductory course on learning how to use Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. This class prepared me with the basic understanding of the Adobe CS Suites to further develop my skills in other media arts and design classes. Below are example’s of the work I did in this class.

Mucha’s Original Art Piece                                    My recreation using ‘melon art’ (Photoshop)











Magazine Cover (Photoshop)                                                 Galaria Ad (InDesign)

Fundamentals of Media Art and Design II

This was also an introductory class to video production and editing as well as to web design. It taught me the basic knowledge about Garage Band, iMovie and Dreamweaver. During the video production portion of class we learned how to produce and edit a short video. In the web design portion of class we had to recreate an existing website. Below is the short video made in class, as well as screen shots of my recreation of the website.

Italian Renaissance Art

For my Art History Minor I took a class that took a deeper look into Italian Renaissance art and architecture. This class taught me now to write a well planned out research paper. Below is my research paper on Giovanni Bellini’s Feast of the God’s painting.

Other Relevant Courses Taken

  • Information and Communications Technologies
  • Corporate Communications Management
  • New Media and Society
  • Media and Politics
  • Mass Communication Law
  • Micro and Macro economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Survey of World Art I & II
  • History of Photography
  • Arts of Ancient Egypt
  • Interpersonal Relationships Communication

{ Work Experience }

Anne DiBenedetto & Associates | McEnearney Associates Inc. McLean, VA
Realtor, Marketing and Case Manager — September 2012 – Present
My current job allows me a range of responsibilities from marketing Anne DiBenedetto and Associates, #1 agent at McEnearney Associates McLean office, to managing listing from beginning to end. My most recent project includes working on a new homes development, Chesterbrook Manor in McLean, Virginia.


Remax Premier/ Ed Lang Team Fairfax, VA
Marketing Coordinator — June 2012 – September 2012
My  responsibilities included drafting and managing marketing materials to current and prospective clients, filed paperwork for Remax Premier and took photographs of listed homes for marketing material.

865 East, The Residence and Plaza Harrisonburg, VA
Marketing Director/ Leasing Consultant — August 2011 – May 2012
865 East is a brand new off-campus apartment building. When I first started my job at 865 East I was a Leasing Consultant. My responsibilities included developing relationships with potential new clients, securing new leases and working the housing fairs. In January of this year I was promoted to Marketing Director. I then started work with a marketing budget and strategize how to best use our money on advertising, promotional items, and resident events. I also designed and produced all the photography on the website, advertisements and flyers, as well as designed the layouts for all three medias. In addition to these responsibilities I also planned and managed all fair booths and resident events.

Below is the 865 East website that I designed, which the company still uses today:

865 East Website

Below are some of the newspaper ad’s I designed for 865 East (original photography also done by me):











Below are the flyers I made for the resident events I planned and executed at 865 East:

Holiday Party  –  Exam Week 

Automotive Resources Inc. Manassas, VA
Social Media Coordinator — May 2011 – August 2011
Automotive Resources Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Mobile Lifting Systems, Exhaust Extraction Systems and Wheel Service Equipment for the heavy duty vehicle market. I researched different social media outlets to discover which outlets would best fit the company’s needs. I strategically developed and executed the company’s social media plan. Ultimately, I decided on four different media outlets and designed and created the company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flicker pages. For the Facebook page I also created a new “tab” using Dreamweaver to allow viewers see ARI’s products and then link them to the correct pages on ARI’s website. (Below is a screen shot of the tab I created)

Time Inc. InStyle Magazine New York, NY
Digital Marketing/ Sales Planning Intern — June 2010 – August 2010
InStyle magazine is one of the leading fashion magazines in its industry. My daily tasks for this internship included updating sales collateral and general presentations for the marketing and sales team. I also worked closely with Sales, Marketing, Edit and Ad Operations to obtain an understanding of the sales process and to gain knowledge of media math to create media plans for advertisers. My summer long project during this internship was a case study on celebrity and fashion influences on consumers.

{ Leadership and Member Affiliation }

Alpha Sigma Alpha, Beta Epsilon Chapter — August 2009 – Present
I joined Alpha Sigma Alpha my sophomore year of college and was my pledge’s class leader until I became the Junior Panhellenic Delegate. The following year I was elected to the Executive Board as the Panhellenic Delegate. My commitment and leadership did not stop just at my executive position. During our Fall 2011 Recruitment I was chosen to be a Rho Gamma: a recruitment guide coordinator and mentor for twenty girls throughout the recruitment process. I also redesigned the wall, floors and interior decor of our sorority house basement.

Order of Omega — October 2011 – Present
Order of Omega is a leadership honor society for members of Greek organizations.

{ Travel Experience }

I have traveled to over 25 different countries including South Africa, Italy, France, Spain, England, Hungry, and Romania. When traveling I culturally immersed myself and learned about the unique historical elements of each country. My extensive traveling is what made me decide to pursue a minor in Art History.

{ Recommendations }

“Sammy Penenburgh has worked for 865 East as a Leasing Specialist starting in August 0f 2011 and was quickly promoted to a Marketing Director position in January of 2012. We were very pleased with her work, her dedication to the team and her professionalism,” – Kehris Snead, General Manager, 865 East

“Samantha interned at InStyle.com in the summer of 2010. She’s everything you hope an intern to be – eager to learn, organized, diligent, enthusiastic, friendly and smart.” – Michelle Meyers, Digital Marketing Consultant, Copywriter & Event Planner

“Samantha came in as an itern during the Summer she worked for us and turned out to be an integral part of the InStyle.com team. She came in with a really great attitude and a willingness to learn. She went above and beyond her duties as an intern to understand the process for digital sales. I knew whatever project I gave Samantha to do, she would turn it in before the deadline and with no mistakes. She was a pleasure to work with, and I know she’ll be a great addition to any team.” – Christine McCabe, InStyle.com Associate Director, Sales Planning at Time Inc.